Hidden Secrets in Everyday Tech

February 04, 2020

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Did you know? A few of the best Easter eggs hidden in your phone’s AI
In the day and age, we’re seldom disengaged from our mobile devices. Wherever you go: iPhones, Androids (and even the occasional Windows phone) are everywhere!
There’s a reason why we love them so much. Aside from their incredible usability, easy-to-understand interfaces and idiot-proof built quality, our mobile phones seem to have their own character. In fact, it’s not too uncommon for your phone’s AI to become a meme of their own! Remember when Siri could beatbox?
You might not know it, but commercial phones are actually packed full of Easter eggs. Here’s a few of our favourites:


Image of man holding up smartphone with nanogram feature on display

Android 10: Nonogram

Occasionally, you’ll stumble upon something that just makes you ask: “how the hell did someone discover this? This is one of those times.

A nonogram is a traditional Japanese crossword kind of game. The user must fill out a grid by using a game guide displayed somewhere on the page – don’t get your hopes up, though, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is still better.

 Here’s how to access the nonogram feature:

Start out by going over to your settings.

Select ‘about phone’, and then, ‘android version’. This will open a new page.

It will say ‘Android 10’ somewhere onscreen – mash it. That’s right, just keep hammering that button.

Eventually, a big Android 10 logo will appear.

You can tap each icon to rotate it – you can also drag them around. Rotate the ‘1’ into the ‘0’ to make it look like a ‘Q’ – you’ll know you’ve done it right when it snaps into place.

Mash it again.

I know. What?

If you’ve got another version of Android, don’t worry. Follow the same steps, making sure to select whatever Android version you run, and you just might get an unexpected surprise as well!


Image of iPhone with Hello startup screen on display

IOS: Siri

We’ve all called on our virtual assistant at one point or another; whether that’s to sleepily set an alarm when you’re lying in bed, or wandering around the house yelling ‘HEY SIRI’ when you can’t find your phone.
This one isn’t much of a secret, but Siri has so many sarcastic comments that you probably wouldn’t expect.
If you’ve got an Apple phone, try it out now – pull up Siri, and simply ask if she has a boyfriend. If you’ve not heard it yet, it’s also DEFINITELY worth asking Siri to beatbox for you!
From what we’ve heard, Siri can be quite the comedian, too – why not ask to hear a joke?


Image of hidden secret easter egg in Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome

For android phones, Chrome is your default browser. For Apple users, it’s an optional download – the point is that it’s available for both devices!
Chrome is a universally loved browser; it’s responsive, fast and easy to use. Luckily for us, it’s also packaged with its very own loveable dinosaur game.
Whenever Chrome loses connection, it will display a page with a 2D black and white dinosaur, regardless of what device you use.
The quickest way to access this adorable minigame is to simply turn airplane mode on and try to load up iqualtech.com. When the error message comes up, tap the dino and start playing!

 Written by: CallanChandler

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