Improved Backpack Light

October 20, 2016

With a commitment to improving cycle safety on the roads, tech accessory innovators iQualTech have made a round of updates to their popular cycling light range, improving its versatility and resilience in all weather conditions.


With Transport Research Laboratory data attributing at least 5% of fatal cycle collisions to poor visibility, iQualTech’s reflective LED backpack light aims to keep cyclists visible and protected on the roads. Inspired by the high brake light featured on most cars, the upgraded LED-powered reflector features three high-visibility modes and straps effortlessly onto backpacks of almost any size. New and improved water resistance technology forms a protective barrier over the lights, ensuring that cyclists and runners can feel confident and safe no matter the terrain or weather conditions.


Universal-fitting for most backpacks, these convenient lights are fantastic for safety-conscious cyclists and runners seeking extra visibility on the roads. Users can choose between three LED light modes at the touch of a button to instantly improve their safety and visibility from all angles; simply press to alternate between constant light, rapid flash, and slow flash. An adjustable Velcro design ensures a straightforward fit and allows for easy affixing to helmets or jackets. Plus, the LED reflector comes equipped with 2x CR2032 batteries, making it easy to simply strap on and go!


It’s not just for sport, either: iQualTech’s overwhelmingly positive feedback for the original LED backpack light is underscored by the versatility of the product. Customer reviews remark on its usefulness for walking and wheelchair safety in addition to running and cycling, describing it as “perfect to improve visibility” and “an awesome bit of kit.” A simple construction and lightweight, slim design makes it easy to carry around, and it has proved universally functional for customers utilising it on both dark country roads and busy London thoroughfares.


iQualTech’s versatile product range spans from cycling lights to lightweight Bluetooth speakers and everywhere in between – a concept simply guided by customer needs and gaps and the market. The young company recently finalised a successful round of investment on equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs, raising over £165,000 to support their fast-growing development strategy. With no signs of slowing down, this investment has allowed iQualTech to rapidly improve economies of-scale and fast-track new developments; the upgraded LED bike lights are just the first in an array of exciting new updates slated to launch in the coming months.


iQualTech launched three years ago to immediate profitability, thanks to an emphasis on high-quality specifications, competitive pricing – and crucially, an acute focus on customer feedback. With a 100% performance rating for the past year, it’s clear to see that the self-described peer review brand do it well. Centring customer satisfaction as a priority, iQualTech operates a fully integrated consumer-focused digital platform that has driven significant year-on-year growth. A bespoke analytics system simultaneously works to help the business remain ahead of the curve, mapping out trends and responding quickly and accurately to fill perceived gaps in the market.


This keen attention to market detail has led to the regular exciting updates and innovations and updates that the growing iQualTech range has become well known for. The brand’s growing LED light range features backpack lights, armbands, clip-on cycle lights and more, with further innovations in the pipeline.


iQualTech’s founder and managing director, Zamir Cajee, is delighted with the updates the brand has implemented.  “We have listened to customer feedback and adapted the Backpack LED light for cyclists, really focusing on improving its water resistance.  We see the updated Backpack LED light for cyclists as an important innovation in cycle safety, ensuring cyclists can be seen and stay safe – no matter the conditions.”