Meet the IQT-040 XP+ Pill Speaker

September 17, 2019

Meet the IQT-040 XP+ Pill Speaker from iQTech, the rapidly growing London-based tech accessories startup giving big brands like Beats and Sony a run for their money.

A search for “Pill Speaker” on Amazon quickly turns up a sleek, pill-shaped number by the UK brand, iQTech. The sleek Wireless unit is selling for a modest £29.50 – it’s evident that in terms of price alone, iQTech is the clear winner.

Upon clicking through to the iQTech offering, it becomes apparent that the new kid on the block is outpacing its opponents in more ways than one. An impressive 900+ five-star customer reviews clearly suggests that this is no fluke, but a trusted, quality brand – and indeed, one that thrives on customer feedback. With customers remarking on the premium sound quality and astounding value for money. With significantly more reviews than the Beats pill and more than a £100 saving, it’s evident that given the choice, the new iQTech speaker is a clear no-brainer.

An all-new XP+ pairing function means music lovers can wirelessly pair two of the sleek pill-shaped speakers – with each speaker featuring separate channels designed to split sound left and right for full stereo surround effect. Plus, the dynamic XP+ tool also ensures rich stereo sound from each individual speaker even when they are not paired – allowing full freedom for the music to move listeners any way they desire.

The inception of the brand-new XP+ function further solidifies iQTech’s reputation for innovation and their firm commitment to staying abreast of market trends and consumer needs.

iQTech’s founder, Zamir Cajee, is delighted with the updates the brand has implemented.  “We set out to create high-quality wireless sound at a price that you are actually comfortable to use and take out with you – We want you to enjoy your music, not worry about your speaker.  It’s incredibly simple to use – no apps, just Bluetooth, and you control it directly from your phone or tablet, so you can enjoy your music and share it with others, no matter where you are.”

The XP+-equipped IQT-040XP+ Pill Shape Speakers are available on Amazon and the They retail for £29.50 for a single speaker and £55.00 for the twin pack.

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