New iPhone 11 Leaked Rumours

August 14, 2019

With the launch of the next iPhone just a few weeks away, Apple fans across the globe are fizzing with anticipation for the next release from the tech giant.

But, as their annual autumnal update gets closer, can we expect the new model to bring Apple back to their position as an industry leader? Or, will the next iPhone set them further back behind their competition?

iPhone XI or iPhone 11

The first speculation surrounding the new model is over its name. It’s most likely that the new iPhone will be named the iPhone 11, but there are other potential titles possible.

Following suit with the iPhone X, the new model could be titled the iPhone XI, aka 11 in roman numerals. Or, matching the curveball Apple threw when they named the third iPad simply ‘iPad’, could the new iPhone just be ‘iPhone’?

Triple-Lens Camera

One of the key wars raging across the phone industry is over the quality of the picture each handset provides. Twin-rear lenses are becoming increasingly old-fashioned as they simply cannot keep up with the desire to provide clearer pictures. 

In response, it looks like Apple have combatted this key issue by introducing three lenses to the phone. In what is potentially the first photo to be leaked of the new design, the three lenses are arranged into a square shape that still incorporates a flash.

The reaction to these images has not been positive, with many showing particular concern over the extra width the lenses will add to the slim design. Many will hope Apple decide to go for a horizontal arrangement instead.

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Iconic Notch

The only interruption in the iPhone X-series’ screen is the notch at the top. Housing the front-facing camera and a small speaker, it has received a range of reactions from iPhone fans who both see it as a distraction, but also as a replacement of the original iPhone icon – the circular home button.

It’s highly likely this ‘notch’ will still appear in the new model but, as always with Apple, nothing is certain. There have also been plenty of rumours the notch could get smaller.

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Foldable Handset

The latest design feature to hold the phone market captive are models that can fold. The teased release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold has got the tech industry hungry for more, with the ability to unfold a device to experience a wider screen on the go being an attractive idea for many.

This, paired with the fact that Apple has filed a patent for a flexible phone design, suggests we should be anticipating a foldable iPhone very soon, however this September is probably too soon. When we do finally see an iPhone that is foldable, the patent suggests we’ll see what can only be described as a clamshell design where a hinge sits widthways across the model. 

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Waterproofing the Lightning Port

One of the biggest killers over the years of smartphones has been their susceptibility to water damage. Over the years, Apple has been working to combat this, developing models that boast water resistance. But, one of the key issues with this has been the lightning port as it’s a key access point for fluid.

The rumours surrounding this include adding a liquid-tight seal onto the charging port. We’re not quite sure this technology will be ready to hit the market just yet, but it sounds like the type of technology that could put Apple and their iPhones back on the top spot. 

While these rumours could provide an exciting insight into what we could expect from Apple this September, we may never really know what they're planning. Well known for their curveballs, the new iPhone could include completely different tech that no one anticipated.

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