Supporting Innovation and Creativity

November 01, 2016

At iQualTech, creativity is what moves us. We’re passionate about technology and using it to better enjoy the art and music we love. That’s what inspired us to design our revolutionary range of Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, and headphones – and why we’re constantly on the lookout for new innovations and developments.


As a startup, the power of collaboration is of great importance to us. We started out with no initial investment – just a credit card and a big dream. We’ve gotten to where we are today thanks to a mix of hard work, passion and teamwork – and we believe that everyone should have the same opportunities to channel their talents and succeed.


That’s why we’re committed to helping up-and-coming artists grow. Whether we’re promoting an emerging band on our social media, or helping organise meet and greets with fans, we believe that newcomers and their fans should have more access to the same exciting interactive opportunities afforded to established acts. 


From music to dance and everywhere in between, we set up this programme with fresh talent in mind – and we’re constantly on the lookout for great new artists to collaborate with. If you think you fit the bill, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!