Uncovering The iPhone’s Best Features

January 22, 2020

Uncovering The iPhone’s Best Features

The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most iconic smartphones ever made. You could debate whether it is really the best on the market, however there is no mistaking that the the Apple iPhone lives up to its notoriety. The user friendly operation, extra high quality (12 megapixel) camera and super retina display are popular iPhone features. But there are some hidden functions which take the user experience to new heights. In this post we’re going to cover some of the most useful.

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Get closer to Siri

Everyone knows Siri comes with its perks, call Mum, text my boyfriend. But have you ever said “hey Siri call my brother on loud speaker” whilst you were elbow deep in washing up gloves? That extra word adds value to your life you didn’t know you needed. Siri can also order you an Uber, provided you have the app logged in with a valid card registered to your account. Ask Siri to get you an Uber and your iPhone will have one pull up on you, like magic.

Optimise your text comms

Say goodbye to typos forever. No longer will we struggle to change single letters in a sentence. Turn your keyboard into a trackpad by pressing and holding the space bar. Voila, you can scroll through your text like a boss. Hold the emoji button to reduce the size of the home menu or keyboard. Perfect for those who prefer one-handed device operation.

Become a photography genius

Possibly one of the iPhone’s best kept secrets is the camera autoexposure and autofocus functions. Tap and hold the screen whilst in photo mode to turn on the AE/AF LOCK. There you have it, professional photos and videos in an instant.

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Enable dark mode in Settings - Display & Brightness, all display screens on your iPhone will be shrouded in black. Just when you thought the iPhone could not get any cooler. 

Make your iPhone even faster

It’s safe to say we can leave closing applications one at a time in last year. Now we’re closing multiple apps at once with multi finger gestures. Simply swipe up your screen with three fingers when in the multitasking menu to close a few apps simultaneously. Deactivate automatic background app refresh in your settings to make your iPhone battery life last longer. Simply go to Settings - General, and tap Background App Refresh. Here you can switch off the background refresh for those apps draining your much needed juice. 

Customise your nighttime routine

If you are an Apple Music user, you can set a timer in your clock to stop your music whenever you want. Perfect if you prefer to listen to music whilst drifting off to sleep but your playlist is too long to leave on. Select “Stop Playing” from the “When Timer Ends” function. Night shift allows you to reduce the blue glare on your screen to prepare your eyes and brain for a restful sleep. No lavender required.

Image of iPhone screen showing time and date

Declutter your voicemail with minimal effort

Calling your mailbox realistically is often more hassle than returning a call or text. Activate visual voicemail and you never have to dial your mailbox again. Allowing you to read your voicemail in message format. So you can binge watch your favourite Netflix show uninterrupted by the worry of missing important calls. This service is only currently available on EE and O2, on EE text “iPhone visual to 150 and on O2 dial 1750. Once again, Apple proves that their devices are not just an accessory. Could I be any more in love with my iPhone?


Written by: Tashauna O'Connor

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